About Banners (40).pngFor every player there's an origin story. Some begin playing at an early age, taking their first strides in one of our learn to skate programs. For others, a love for hockey is discovered at a later age. Whichever category you fall into, we have a system that allows players to develop, progress, and achieve their goals.

When it comes to determing what level you should be competing at, there are factors to consider:

  • Skating experience
  • Hockey experience
  • Time commitment

One of the most common questions we receive is, "Where do we go from here?". Below you'll find a list of programs that we offer at the Flyers Training Center. This list, and visual guide below, will help guide you through your hockey journey.

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4.pngFor beginners, our learn to skate program is an excellent starting point. Learn to Skate is a 6 week program that teaches the basics of ice skating such as forwards/backwards skating, cross overs, stops, and turns. This class is available year round and is available to those 5 and up. Upon completion of this class, aspiring hockey players will enter the Future Flyers program.

5.pngThe Flyers Rookie Program is an excellent starting point for young hockey players ages 5-9. With a single payment ($250), players gain entry to a 6 week course AND are outfitted with hockey equipment from head to toe. When it comes to hockey programs, this is one of the best values you'll find. Upon completion of the Flyers Rookie Program, players will enter the Future Flyers program to further develop their hockey skills.

6.pngFuture Flyers is for kids 6+, and aims to teach aspiring ice hockey players the fundamentals of the sport. Each class begins with drills and instruction, followed by a scrimmage that encourages participants to use the skills they've learned in game situations. Upon completion of the Future Flyers program, players will be prepared to enter our Lite Travel Leagues, joining either the Voorhees Gladiators, or the Philadelphia Liberties. 

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9.pngThe Voorhees Gladiators are a lite travel team. This recreational league is for kids 8U-12U, and serves as introduction to travel hockey. Teams have 1 practice and 1 game per week, with the season typically running October - March. After gaining experience, and further developing skills, players will be able to try out for Flyers Youth.

7.pngThe Philadelphia Liberties is an all-girls hockey team, and an expanding organization devoted to the growth of women's hockey in our area. The Liberties season runs from October - February, with approx. 20 practices and 20 games. After gaining adequate experience, players will be able to try out for Flyers Youth. After gaining experience, players will be able to try out for Flyers Youth.

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8.pngThe Flyers Youth Hockey Club is intended for the experienced, advanced hockey player. Teams are available for kids ages 8U-18U, with practices occuring 2 times per week. A typical schedule for Flyers Youth will include around 35-55 games, with travel to other rinks, cities, and states involved. Flyers Youth is AA hockey club, and is the top tier organization at the Flyers Training Center. 

About Banners (53).pngThey say that practice makes perfect, and we agree. This is why we provide multiple opportunities for players to practice their skills in non-game situations. Below you'll find a brief overview of the additional programs we offer that allow players to improve their game.

10.pngStick Time is an open ice slot that we offer on a weekly basis to those 12 and under. Players are able to take the ice and work on different aspects of their game. Want to take 200 shots and work on your shooting mechanics, or perhaps you want to perfect your edge work? This is completely up to the player. We offer Stick Time on a weekly basis, with varying times. Check our Stick Time page for schedule/registration information.

11.pngOpen Hockey is just like Stick Time, but is geared to kids 13-17 years old. Players are free to practice whatever they desire, or perhaps start up a pickup game. As with Stick Time, full protective equipment is required.

12.pngClinics are provided to players throughout the year as well, which focus on specific areas, such as power skating, checking, puck control, and more. Clinics will be advertised on our website and on social media when available. 

About Banners 1000x75 (12).pngFor questions regarding Learn To Skate, please reach out to our Skating Director Pam Dreyer.

For questions related to our hockey programs, please reach out to our Director of Hockey Development Jeremy Hall