Quality. Experience. Trust.

We're commited to treating customer equipment as our own. Our staff has been around the hockey world for years. We've seen bad sharpenings, Tuuk replacements, and riveting jobs that some of the other rinks and shops have to offer. At Cutting Edge, we seek to provide a personalized experience to all our customers. We use specific instruments to ensure a level sharpening with quality edges. We take the necessary time in our repairs, becuase it's our belief that getting things done right, is better than getting things done quickly. Below you will find a list of what we offer, along with pricing. 

  • Skate Sharpening: $10
  • Figure Skate Sharpening: $12
  • Skate Profiling: $50
  • Skate Heat Molding: $30
  • Boot Punch: $10
  • Rivet Replacement: $2/rivet
  • Chassis and Tuuk Swap: $75/pair

Precise. Accurate. Leveled.

A good sharpening can be hard to come by. Lucky for you, we're here to make sure that getting a proper sharpening is a consistent experience. We know that there's nothing worse than not being able to trust your edges, which is why we level every skate, every time. There's no guessing game with us.


Skate Profiling

In today's fast-paced game, every advantage counts. Skate profiling gives players the option to change the shape of their blade for improved speed, agility, balance, and reduced fatigue.

At Cutting Edge, we use the ProSharp AS2001 for all of our skate profiling, which ensures accuracy and consistency. We offer two different skate profiles:

  • Power Profile (Quad)
    • Quad 3XS | Size 1-2 (4ft-5ft-7ft-10ft)
    • Quad XXS | Size 3-4 (5ft-7ft-9ft-11ft)
    • Quad XS | Size 5-6 (6ft-8ft-11ft-12ft)
    • Quad Zero | Size 7-8 (6ft-9ft-11ft-13ft) 
    • Quad I | Size 9-10 (6ft-9ft-12ft-15ft)
    • Quad II | Size 11-12 (7ft-10ft-13ft-16ft)
  • Agility Profile (Zuperior)
    • Zuperior 3XS | Size 1-2 (5ft-9ft-13ft)
    • Zuperior XXS | Size 3-4 (5ft-10ft-13ft)
    • Zuperior XS | Size 5-6 (5ft-11ft-13ft)
    • Zuperior S | Size 7-8 (6ft-12ft-20ft)
    • Zuperior M | Size 9-10 (6ft-13ft-20ft)
    • Zuperior L | Size 11-12 (6ft-14ft-20ft)

Please be aware that skate profiling takes time! Skates are to be dropped off and left overnight to ensure that the proper time is taken on each profile.

Interested in getting a skate profile or have questions? Reach out to Store Manager Nat Acchione at nat_acchione@comcastspectacor.com.