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For every player there's an origin story. Some begin playing at an early age, taking their first strides in one of our learn to skate programs. For others, a love for hockey is discovered at a later age. Whichever category you fall into, we have a system that allows players to develop, progress, and achieve their goals.

One of the most common questions we receive is, "Where do we go from here?". Below you'll find a list of programs that we offer at the Flyers Training Center.

A step-by-step guide to achieve your goals

Step 1: Learn to Skate

For beginners, our learn to skate program is an excellent starting point. Learn to Skate is a 6 week program that teaches the basics of ice skating such as forwards/backwards skating, cross overs, stops, and turns. This class is available year round and is available to those 5 and up. Upon completion of this class, aspiring hockey players will enter the Future All-Star Development Program or Flyers Learn to Play Rookie Program.

To learn more about Learn to Skate, click here.

Step 2: Please read below before proceeding

Step 2 provides players with TWO options. You can either enroll in the Future All-Star Development Program OR you can sign up for the Flyers Learn to Play Rookie Program.

These two programs are similar, but have key differences. The Flyers Learn to Play Rookie Program provides head-to-equipment with registration. It is only available in the fall or winter, and can only be participated in ONCE.

The Future All-Star Development Program does NOT provide head-to-equipment. Future All-Star Development Program is available throughout the year for players looking to learn the game, and eventually play competitive hockey. This program is typically taken multiple times, and is available from fall-spring. 

Step 2a: Flyers Learn to Play Rookie Program

The Flyers Rookie Program is an excellent starting point for young hockey players ages 5-9. With a single payment ($250), players gain entry to a 6 week course AND are outfitted with hockey equipment from head to toe. When it comes to hockey programs, this is one of the best values you'll find. This program is ONLY available at specific dates throughout the year. Upon completion of the Flyers Rookie Program, players will enter the Future All-Star Development Program to further develop their hockey skills.

To learn more about the Flyers Learn to Play Rookie Program, click here.

Step 2b: Future All-Star Development Program

Future All-Star Development Program is for kids 6+, and aims to teach aspiring ice hockey players the fundamentals of the sport. Each class begins with drills and instruction, followed by a scrimmage that encourages participants to use the skills they've learned in game situations.

This program is designed specifically for children coming out of Learn to Skate OR the Flyers Learn to Play Rookie Program. It is essential for all hockey players to take this program, as it will prepare them for their future in limited travel, full travel, and beyond.

To learn more about Future All-Star Development Program, click here.

Step 3: Gladiators Hockey Club

Gladiators Hockey Club is an introduction to organized hockey and teamplay. This is the next step for players coming out of the Future All-Star Development program. Players will play alongside their teammates against teams from local rinks.

To learn more about Gladiators Hockey Club, click here.

Step 4: Flyers Youth or Philadelphia Liberties All-Girls Hockey Club

For advanced level players, Flyers Youth and Philadelphia Liberties All-Girls Hockey Club offer a full travel hockey experience. Teams will play anywhere from 35-55 games per year, practice twice a week, and compete against teams from all over the east coast. This is the highest level of hockey offered at the Flyers Training Center.

To learn more about Flyers Youth, click here.

To learn more about the Liberties, click here.

Hockey Progression Visual Overview

Find below a visual overview to assist you in your hockey development.

Questions, concerns?

For questions regarding Learn To Skate, please reach out to Program Manager Kyle Pantalone at

For questions related to our hockey programs, please reach out to our Director of Hockey Development Jeremy Hall