ABOUT LEARN TO SKATE (22).pngFigure skating is a sport in which ice skaters as a pair or as a solo, perform movements of jumps, spins, lifts, and footwork in a graceful manner, sometimes referred to ballet on ice. There are various kinds of figure skating, including freestyle, pairs, ice dance, and synchronized team skating. The style of competition, as well as the moves and techniques of the skaters, varies for each category of skating.

It is also a sport in which people of ALL ages can enjoy. There are different levels of testing that range from the elementary level known as the Pre-Preliminary test up through the Gold tests, which are the highest test levels you may reach. Each test is different and skated in front of a panel of Official Judges. These tests not only challenge you to progress, but are also used as a basis for levels in which a skater may compete.

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US Figure Skating is the Olympic track for all competitors within figure skating. For more information about the sport go to: www.usfsa.org