*Flyers Youth Hockey Club is not affiliated with the Philadelphia Flyers. Flyers Youth Hockey Club is solely licensed to use certain logos and other intellectual property of the Flyers.*

About Flyers Youth

Flyers Youth is a Tier II hockey club, and member of the New Jersey Youth Hockey League. (NJYHL) The organization is comprised of teams from B-AA levels that spans from Mites to Midgets. Since 2001, Flyers Youth has fielded teams who have been successful on state, district, and national levels. The club prides itself on fielding competitive teams, while having a family knit atmosphere. Today, many alumni take part in volunteering as coaches and managers throughout the organization. For more information on how you can be a part of the Flyers Youth Hockey Club, visit the Flyers Youth Hockey Club website. 

For more information on the New Jersey Youth Hockey League, visit http://www.njyhl.org