About Flyers Hockey School

Allow our experienced and professional coaching staff to assist you in elevating your on-ice performance, while also implementing an age-appropriate off-ice training program tailored to fit the needs of the travel hockey player.

  • Camp Dates: August 1-4
  • Ages: 8U-12U
  • Skill Level: Intermediate/Experienced players ONLY. This is not a beginner program.
  • Total Cost: $425

Official Camp Itinerary

Daily schedule will be as follows:

              8:45am               Drop-Off & Check-In

              9:30am               On-Ice Instruction #1

              10:45am             Dryland

              11:15am             Lunch   

              11:45am             Classroom

              12:30pm             On-Ice Instruction #2

              1:45pm               Pickup


ALL players should bring the following items with them every day to camp:

-Ice hockey equipment

-Gym clothes: shorts, t-shirt and sneakers.

-Water bottle

On-Ice Training

The on ice hockey instruction includes a comprehensive player development process which will focus on the following:

  • Position Specific Teaching
  • Small Game Training
  • Advanced edge control
  • Offensive/Defensive Tactics
  • Contact

Off-Ice Training

Off ice training will include sport specific exercises concentrating on:

  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Endurance
  • Power

Chalk Talk Sessions

Chalk talk sessions will include lectures and videos to reinforce on ice instruction.